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Tired Of Cold, Stale, Store-Bought Baked Goods?

Stop by a local bakery in Cedar Springs, MI

Who doesn't love pulling apart a fresh, fluffy roll? Premade, prepackaged baked goods just aren't the same, but you don't have to settle when you visit Busy Mom's Bakery in Cedar Springs, MI. Our local bakery produces fresh, homemade sweets and breads every day so you can enjoy your favorites whenever you want. Whether you want dinner rolls or a baguette to go with a meal or you're just looking for a quick, sweet snack, you can choose from a large selection of options at our artisan bakery.

We're also proud to be a gluten-friendly bakery option for people with specialized diets. Ask about our current selection when you call our bread bakery at 616-826-6116.

Fresh Ground Wheat

Experience the difference freshly milled flour makes when you buy our baked goods.

Fresh Ground Wheat


Shop for all kinds of breads, from traditional sourdough loaves to baguettes, rolls and buns.


Homemade Sweets

Conquer your cravings with our large selection of homemade baked goods and sweets.

Homemade Sweets

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Are You Committed to a Restricted Diet?

Find keto- and gluten-friendly options at our bakery

We're more than just a bakery

Bread only has a few ingredients, but there's a big difference between your average loaf and fresh artisan bread. Choose our local bakery because...

Our lifetime bakers have decades of experience and know how to make all kinds of baked goods to perfection

We mill our own wheat and bake our goods fresh every day, so you can count on rich nutrients and big flavor

As a dedicated gluten-friendly bakery, we have all kinds of gluten- and keto-friendly baked goods to serve people from all walks of life

Our family business is run by a female veteran, and we're dedicated to providing high-quality, friendly service and delicious baked goods. Visit our bakery today for the tasty treat you want.

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Cedar Springs
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