Is Fresh Ground Wheat Better?

Is Fresh Ground Wheat Better?

The short answer: Yes!

Throughout history people have ground wheat and made breads with it. Within the last century, industries have found ways to mass-produce flour making it readily available in all grocery stores. They do this by removing the bran, the germ, and adding preservative chemicals for transport and bleach to make the flour appear more enticing. For the most part this has greatly increased the ease of making breads and baked goods throughout the world. However, despite being easier to find and purchase, what is the negative impact store bought flour is having on our lives?

The wheat berry is made up of three parts: The outer shell called the BRAN, the nutrient packed GERM, and the flavorful ENDOSPERM. The Bran is almost entirely made of fiber. Fiber is essential in healthy digestion and is key in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. The Germ is the part of the wheat that grows into a new wheat plant; therefore, it is very high in vitamins, minerals, and essential oils that support healthy digestion as well as assist in the breakdown and digestion of the gluten protein. Finally, the Endosperm contains the bulk of the flavor and texture of wheat flour. It is made up of starch and gluten.

When all three parts of the wheat berry are used and consumed together, Whole Wheat Flour is a very wonderful and nutritious food that helps the body to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, provide long lasting energy, and even boosts the body's natural immune system. As we study the extent of the benefits available when using the whole wheat berry, it is clear that nature knows how to create a perfectly designed food for the human body!